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Various Features And Functions Of The Parking Shed
Jul 26, 2017

As the car can be printed according to the requirements of the user, but also with the expansion of the stent arbitrary stretching and recovery, so, Zhangjiagang membrane structure is widely used in commercial, family and entertainment, with a strong advertising publicity, beautiful decorative and sun shading, rain-proof practicality. Its avant-garde design.

The planning and construction of the parking lot become an important part of the modern urban planning, which becomes more and more important. The lightweight and chic membrane structure plays an important role in the construction of the parking lot and the waiting room, in addition to meeting the basic functions of preventing wind and rain, preventing sun rays and so on, and has better marking effect, showing people's individuality.

New materials will continue to be the cornerstone of human civilization building. It and other high-tech interdependence, mutual promotion, Wenzhou awning is not only high-tech nuclear development of the basic conditions, at the same time by the High-tech development needs of stimulation and constantly updated development, thus promoting the human society material progress. It can be imagined that if there is no semiconductor silicon, germanium material of industrial production, there is no electronic computer, there is no high temperature-resistant lightweight high-strength metal structural materials, there is no development of the aerospace industry; without a low loss of optical fibre, there is no modern fiber communication.