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The Use Of Membrane Structure Landscape You Have To Know
Jul 26, 2017

For the artistic: give full play to the architect's imagination, but also embodies the structural component of the beauty of the force.

For economic: With a certain degree of transmittance of the membrane, the daytime can reduce the intensity and time of lighting, can save energy well. At the same time, night lights to form a gorgeous landscape can also achieve a good advertising effectiveness.

For the span: the landscape membrane structure can overcome the traditional structure in the large-span (no support) building to achieve the difficulties encountered, can create a large block-free visual space, effectively increase the space area.

For self-cleaning sex: The use of membrane materials with protective coatings in landscape membrane architecture can make the building have a good self-cleaning effect and guarantee the service life of the building.

For the duration: landscape membrane construction in all processing and production in the factory, can reduce the site construction time, avoid the construction crossover, relative to the traditional construction project period is short.

Membrane architecture can be widely used in large-scale public facilities: Stadium roof systems, airport halls, exhibition centers, shopping malls, platforms, etc., but also for leisure facilities, the use of industrial facilities and landmarks or landscape architecture, etc.