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The Main Use Of The Parking Lot
Jul 26, 2017

Good transmittance, light transmittance 20%. In the sun will not be exposed to yellowing, atomization, light transmittance, the surface of the anti-UV coextrusion layer, can prevent solar ultraviolet-induced material yellowing, the surface of the coextrusion layer has chemical crepe absorption of ultraviolet rays and converted into visible light. Plant photosynthesis has a good stabilizing effect, and suitable for the protection of various types of vehicles, valuables, etc., so that it is not damaged by ultraviolet rays. Parking sheds are a lot of business, community and school needs to be built, the shed for people's lives to bring a lot of convenience, but not all people can clearly know the car sheds have a market development prospects. And now the type of carport is also a variety of, under the Shenzhen exhibition Wing tensioned membrane structure from several aspects for you to analyze the most practical most common membrane structure of the carport market prospects.

The shed has a very large market demand, so that the membrane structure of the shed is also widely popular in the market and to show business opportunities. Although cars have become the most popular means of transportation, for young students and eco-friendly people, bicycles are still a very good means of transport, the use of bicycles can not only exercise the body, but also to a certain extent, environmental protection. And bicycles are the main means of transportation for students, and many schools need to build special bicycle sheds to put bicycles. The above situation shows that the use and existence of bicycle sheds is very necessary, and the tensile membrane structure to build the shed is to meet the development trend of new materials.