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The Function And Application Case Of Rain-proof Louver
Jul 26, 2017

Anti-rain shutter function----many construction projects need to use this kind of louver, but a lot of contractors do not know what his specific role is used to do so that the efficiency of the work is reduced, they are in contact with suppliers when these needs are weak, often the name of the goods and demand for the goods are not on the number. The following as a professional manufacturer of Venetian blinds to tell you about the role of rain-proof shutter all his applications:

The shape specification of the rain-proof Louver: The rain shutters are divided into two kinds, one is used for the external wall vent air and out the wind louver, this type of louver is used to block the ventilation of the rain, his shape is generally a Z-word form, cross-section size in the 10 cm or so single-layer aluminum extruded, two pieces of 2-4 centimeters to the angle of 45 degrees of tilt fixed installed in the vent. This way of installation to facilitate the rain can not be really into the room. Another kind of rain-proof louver is the shuttle-shaped rain-proof louver, Double-layer structure, cross section size of 12 centimeters of aluminum-alloy extruded to Z-shaped shape. Can be used directly as outdoor sun protection against rain, can replace the glass roof and exist in the outdoor.