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How To Judge The Good And Bad Of The Membrane Structure Of The Shed
Jul 26, 2017

1. daylighting. Sunlight radiating to the roof is transmitted to the interior by diffuse light. From the inside, the roof becomes a continuous bright surface whose strength is changed by the relative position of the roof and the sun.

Tensile membrane structure of the indoor Sishi of the lighting coefficient (that is, indoor and outdoor appearance of natural light than the degree of sunshine) generally up to 10%; In the traditional construction, the light can only from the limited daylighting window into the interior, its daylighting coefficient less than 3%. Even on cloudy days, the degree of illumination in the membrane structure can satisfy the requirements of most activities.

2. Reflective property. Because the transmission and reflection light of the interior of the membrane structure sheds are diffuse light, it is unlikely that the glare will emerge. But think about the arrangement and shading of the glass lighting area to avoid the glare caused by direct light.

3 color. Membrane structure sheds in the indoors people have a good color perception of white or rice white membranes, because these two colors show a linear spectral transmission characteristic to visible light. The transmission degree increases with the wavelength of transmission light, which makes the transmission light slightly warmer than the incident light. Transmission spectra and fibers and their properties, coating thickness, etc.