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Excellent Properties Of Membrane Structural Materials Are Widely Used In Architectural Design
Jul 26, 2017

With the development of modern flexible building materials in the the 1960s, the architects set out the magical form-membrane structure from the tents with one of the oldest simple structures. It can form the single surface, the multiple curved surface and so on different architectural forms, satisfies the architect to the architectural and esthetics high unification request.

Flexible materials with light and anti-ultraviolet function, in some outdoor buildings and environmental sketches have been widely used. Because of this characteristic, the night lighting design makes the membrane structure have the distinct environmental sign characteristic.

Beautiful shape of the membrane, stainless steel fittings and fasteners coupled with the design of lightweight and reasonable, surface treatment of strict steel structure support, to create a beautiful form, the design of a reasonable membrane structure, in today's world-wide architectural environment in the design occupies a pivotal position.

Stadium stands and recreational space

In recent years, with the deepening of the concept of building space and the continuous improvement of scientific means, "return to Nature", "bathing natural warmth" has been the mainstream of modern architectural environmental science development. Indoor and outdoor vision more blurred, there are many also outside, mutual infiltration of the indefinite space, such as: Hall decoration, patio, Four Seasons Hall, Flora and Fauna Park, Park Square, viewing platform, stage, sports venues, sports stands, cultural entertainment and so on. Due to the light permeability of the film, sunlight can form the slow light through the film during the day, so that the film covering space reaches the almost same natural effect as outdoors, so the membrane structure can create the space form which is comparable with the natural environment.

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