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Design Essentials Of Awning
Jul 26, 2017

First, when the building has a higher standard requirements, the following conditions to meet the items should take shading measures

(1) indoor (outside) temperature reaches or exceeds 29 ℃;

(2) Solar radiation intensity >240kcal/m2·h 1004. 6KJ/M2·H);

(3) The indoor depth of sunlight exposure > 0.5m;

(4) The indoor time of sunlight shines over 1h.

Second, awning suitable for low-rise, multi-storey buildings doors and windows shading. Not suitable for shading outside the high-rise building.

Third, shading material materials, thickness, size and form, the form and specification of the fixed device, the power of the motor (when using the electric power), the use of the place of the wind pressure size, etc. are interrelated relationship, according to the specific project situation, to the professional manufacturers to obtain relevant technical information, comprehensive consideration of the selection.

Four, the sunshade system and the construction main body's connection procedure, the Lightning protection measure and so on the safety question, must by the engineering design person according to the concrete project situation, with the specialized manufacturer joint research determination and the responsibility.

In general, if the shading system with the shutter box is selected, the effect of different position of the shutter box on the energy saving of the wall should be considered.

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