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Current Situation Of Building Shading
Jul 26, 2017

At present, a large number of municipal engineering and a variety of new buildings, so that the sun shading industry demand greatly increased. To promote the use of electric Louver-shaped venetian blinds, which has led to the rapid growth of the building sunshade market. General shading is mainly window decoration, is beginning to promote the construction of outdoor shading, whether it is to building energy-saving or shading industry, are of great significance, especially the use of electric louver spindle, can be rapid development.

The unique cross-section design style, the blade double-sided is slightly curved, commonly used materials have aluminum alloy blades, perforated aluminum alloy blades, surface treatment has a variety of ways to choose. Activity mode is divided into adjustable and fixed type, adjustable angle 0-105 degrees. Level, slant, aspect, Zenith type and all kinds of daylighting roof, daylighting surface can be installed.