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The social status and role of membrane structure carport
Jul 26, 2017

With the quality of life getting higher, people now know how to enjoy it. So they bought a car, there is a car is good, but the car is too much, not only caused by environmental pollution, traffic congestion, but also can not find top place. The planning and construction of the parking lot become an important part of the modern urban planning, which becomes more and more important. Membrane structure top lightweight and chic modeling plays an important role in the construction of parking lot and waiting room.

Beautiful outer type of membrane material, stainless steel fittings and fasteners with the description of lightweight reasonable, the appearance of harsh steel layout support, to shape a beautiful way to portray a reasonable film layout, because the characteristics of the membrane layout, the combination of suitable for hypertrophy to create the needs, like some public facilities, some scenes, the end can be used to create membrane layout.

Membrane structure top with shading, rain, practical, beautiful, free and lightweight modelling, flame-retardant, easy to make, installation fast, energy-saving, easy-to-use, safe and so on, so that it is widely used in all parts of the world, the life expectancy is generally more than 30 years, the application of Yunju building. In today's world, the construction environment is a place of insignificant description. Membrane structure top Applicable scope: community, school, business, gymnasium, factory, government organization and so on.

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