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The selection of the Pavilion
Jul 26, 2017

Pavilion, is the people by virtue of a certain material, and the characteristics of the material, will inevitably have an impact on the architectural style. Therefore, the plastic arts of the pavilion, to a certain extent, depends on the materials chosen. Because of the difference of the properties of various materials, the pavilions constructed by different materials have distinct characteristics and are bound to be limited by the properties of the materials used.

Mu Ting

Chinese architecture is a construction of wood structure, so the pavilion is mostly wood-framed. The wooden pavilion is the most common form of wood-framed glazed tile tops and wooden roof tops. The former is the royal building and Altar Temple religious building unique, magnificent, colorful. The latter is the dominant of Chinese classical pavilion, or rustic solemn, or elegant seiitsu, throughout the north and south, is the representative form of Chinese classical pavilion. In addition, the wood structure of the pavilion, but also to make a stone roof, iron roof and lime roof, but generally relatively rare, belong to a more special shape.

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