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The difference between telescopic awning and electric sunshade
Jul 26, 2017

First, effectively block the sun, reduce indoor temperature, reduce the use of empty frequencies, to achieve economic benefits;

Second, the use of Hangzhou awning can open windows, to keep the indoor air circulation, while avoiding direct sunlight damage indoor furniture;

Third, can open up outdoor space, in the balcony or platform leisure, sports, while not by the sun's ultraviolet rays and harmful substances harm;

Four, add personalized embellishment for the building, decorate the home, make it more fashionable, artistic sense. According to the different shapes of Hangzhou awning can be divided into: electric sunshade, telescopic awning, watermelon Peng, fixed awning electric sunshade awning in the broad function of the retractable awning is not very big difference, the shade effect is common, its shape aspect difference is bigger, according to different building display different awning.

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