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Telescopic awning features andfeatures
May 10, 2018

Telescopic awnings are more popular nowadays, not only because of the features they have, but also as a kind of decoration to beautify our living and living environment. Retractable awning mainly has the following features:

1. Good anti-ultraviolet function: The sun protection fabric of the retractable sunshade has special anti-ultraviolet function, which not only protects the human skin from ultraviolet rays, but also greatly prolongs the interior decoration and the service life of the furniture. It also has a variety of colorful patterns and colors. The user can personalize the window around them according to their preferences and choose the right type of awning according to the shape of the building, thus improving the overall image of the building. .

2. With sensing devices such as sunlight sensing device, wind sensing device and rain sensing device, the telescopic sunshade can be automatically scrolled without manual control, relying on the sensor to perform complex operations correctly, and for the entire building The outer curtain can achieve group control, thereby increasing the overall intelligence of the building.

3. High-strength crank arms and skeletons: The retractable shade awnings are made of high-strength aluminum alloy material and curved arms and skeleton, plus a special paint layer, which is resistant to acid and alkali, corrosion, and has a service life of up to 15 years. When the cloth is open, it can resist 5 gales.

4. High-quality shade fabric: The shade fabric of the retractable shade awning is made of special polypropylene acrylic, adopts deep dyeing technology, and has high color fastness. This material is resistant to stretching, corrosion, cold and high temperature, and can Resisting the effects of harsh environmental climate, the surface is treated with coating, waterproof, easy to dry, the quality is particularly stable, the service life is long, and the color fastness is extremely high.

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