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Several factors affecting the development of sunshade industry
Jul 26, 2017

First, there is no industry guidance

Sunshade industry is basically private, the majority of people are operating curtains shop, but in recent years there have been some scale of a series of large companies with products, shading industry has now formed a more complete chain supporting system. This system contains raw materials processing, parts manufacturing, trade sales, installation, after-sales service. But it is worth noting that so far, the system and its operating model in the market economy naturally formed, it can only deal with simple, primary building shading requirements. With the development of science and technology, the demand for sunshade is more and more high, so the system is obviously difficult to deal with. Because there is no uniform industry guidance, sunshade Enterprises are fragmented, the accumulation of funds also needs a process, the Sun Shading technology field of exploration and research less, not to form a considerable scale. For this reason, many companies will miss the current opportunity for development.

Second, there is no uniform technical standards

Building Sunshade Decoration is an artistic and engineering functional new industry. There is no uniform industry standards and standards. Because there is not a certain standard, caused the sunshade industry free play, disorderly development situation. Some manufacturers ignore the quality of products, shoddy, not only damage the interests of consumers, but also caused vicious competition.

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