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Outdoor retractable steel side awning
May 15, 2018

·         Item No.:H038

·         Fabric Color: Cream,Grey,Sand,Black

·         Frame Color: White,Grey,Silver

·         Material: High-quality fabric with a PA coating + steel frame + aluminum roller

·         Size: 140 x 300cm (H x W), 150 x 300cm (H x W), 160 x 300cm (H x W), 180 x 300cm (H x W)

·         Retractable, single-sided screen

·         Retracts automatically

·         Easy installation

·         2 wall bases and 8 screws included

·         Fabric: Polyester: 100%


Screen is made of 180gsm polyester fabric with thickened PU coating, UV50+ protection, tear resistant and waterproof

Clip-lock handle and base fixing pin ensure firm and steady fixation, much better than those thin handle fixed by hooking on a pin

Inside spring with good flexibility for smooth and long-time operation

Automatic roll-back function

Mounting accessories, made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, are INCLUDED for secure installation

Can be used indoors like office, clinic, studio, gallery or dressing room, or outdoors like terrace, garden, patio and so on

Material -- galvanized iron with matt painting (roller shell and fixing pole), aluminum bar, plastic handle

Package Contents -- 1x Retractable Side Awning

1x Fixing Pole

1x Set of Screws

1x Manual

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