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Maintenance measures to prevent rusting in the parking shed
Jul 26, 2017

1, the use of professional sand blasting Derusting method

This method is the use of compressed air to produce a strong pressure derusting. Through the continuous use of quartz sand or iron impact steel members of the surface, the steel appearance of the rust removal, the final reduction of the metal steel structure Hangzhou parking shed original color. The use of this rust-removing method is relatively high efficiency, cleaning is also relatively complete, the use of very much.

2. Using chemical appearance method

The technology of pickling and derusting is used to implement. This kind of pickling and derusting usually requires the coating of steel components immersed in acidic liquids, using acid to clean up the appearance of the rust. This method of rust removal speed is relatively fast, can basically remove all the rust, the effect is relatively good. (Aluminum alloy Hangzhou parking garage Experts remind, after acid treatment, must use hot water or clean water components, if there are still some acid, the corrosion of the component will be deeper. )

3. Using the most common manual derusting method

Mainly with artificial not very complex tools to deal with the rust on the steel components, manual processing speed is very slow, the effect is not very ideal. Therefore, most of the time it is not adopted.

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