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Main points of selection of awning
Jul 26, 2017

1, novel design, beautiful color, a canopy more use! Rain, sun, wind and wind. A variety of electric vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles are suitable for installation. Let ordinary electric cars enjoy the "sedan" fashion.

2, the core technology innovation: The use of High-tech composite materials, the production of top canopy, stainless steel pipe and spray tube production canopy Its lightweight, high-strength, anti-corrosion, thermal insulation, strength is common plastic sheet material several times.

3, supporting "electric sedan" fashion: Automatic wiper, broad vision. The selection of joint ventures ahead of the production of windshield, high finish, light transmittance, equipped with a micro wiper automatic wiper, the future of bright.

4, leisurely novel chic, beautiful city landscape: Dozens of kinds of styles, hundreds of varieties, beautiful modelling, economic and practical. Including economic standard type, luxury, leisurely moving!

5, user-friendly design, size can be used: Simple installation: Only a people, simple tools, optional top about half an hour, you can install.

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