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Development prospect of Sunshade louver in modern architecture
Jul 26, 2017

Louver shading products have been applied in the building outside the shade of the shuttle-shaped louver, also has the application in the indoor like the electric venetian blinds, the bamboo curtain and so on, the Venetian sunshade product has the good adjustment light function, through the blade rotation angle control outside the building sunlight radiation enters the indoor quantity, thus realizes the fine dimming function. For outdoor blinds installed outside the building, its shading effect is relatively better, also can control ventilation. Indoor Venetian Blinds In addition to the usual adjustment of light, its beautiful and elegant decorative effect, privacy protection function also makes Venetian blinds in the home window decoration, hotel and office window decorations more widely used.

Building shading has a lot of products and options to choose from, the more common building outside the sun shading products have fixed sun visor, active sun blinds, European-style shutter windows, awnings and so on, indoor shading products have electric retractable curtain, rolling curtains, venetian blinds, electric ceiling curtains. Among them, the application of sunshade in indoor window is more and less in building. Indoor window decoration shading products in hotels, halls, stadiums and other applications of electric opening and closing curtains more, commercial square, airport, office space and other applications shutter more. The electric ceiling curtain is widely used in daylighting ceiling shading.

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