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Benefits of using a folding tent
May 11, 2018

First of all, from its design, it is composed of top cloth and brackets, each of which plays a role; the top cloth is made to a certain thickness, and it can't be torn and used without worrying about the leakage of tents; and the specifications of the brackets also reach a certain weight. It does not bend, it can handle even high winds; there are also many options on the material. Second, we must introduce the specifications, commonly used are 2mX2m, 2.5mX2.5m, 2mX3m, 3mX3m, 3mX4.5m, 3mX6m, can find their own at the time of purchase, the use of sunny days can block UV, do not have to wet the body in the rain. The use of folding tents is very high. Outdoor stalls, gatherings of friends, free clinic activities, campus club recruiting, and corporate anniversary celebrations can all be seen. Its price is also very reasonable and consumers are easy to accept.

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