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An important cleaning method for awning
Jul 26, 2017

Because of the production of the fabric of the awning is more fine, containing some fine particles, so the best way to wash is to flush with water, can not brush. Be sure to clean the words, it is best to wash the umbrella with water, try not to get the water to the umbrella rack to avoid rust.

In fact, the best way is not to buy a light color umbrella, so it will not cost this oggsford son. And I heard that dark umbrella Anti-ultraviolet function is better than light umbrella! Make a cleaning solution for Hangzhou awning. Cleaning liquid as long as white vinegar and detergent can be, need to pay attention to must choose not to contain alkali detergent. Prepare a disposable paper cup. The material is ready and the work begins immediately.

First is the detergent to play, the detergent into a disposable paper cups, detergent as long as the bottom of the paper cup can be. Next is white vinegar, pour half a cup of vinegar into the cup. Remember that half a cup, the rest of the other half will be about 40 degrees of warm water to fill. Pour 40 degrees of warm water into the cup, warm water is for white vinegar and detergent service, with the warm water they can fully fusion, power can be stronger. A good detergent, we use a brush dipped in the washing lotion to brush the Hangzhou awning. Also remind you that the brush when the vertical brush along the umbrella, and the direction to maintain the same, not a longitudinal brush, a will be transverse brush. That would destroy the sun visor of Hangzhou's awning.

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